Directors Desk


Mr. Genmal Maganmal Chopra

At the age more than 75, standing tall is our founding pillar, Mr. Genmal Chopra, from a paddler to a trader, to a high end businessman his journey has been invincible in the field of spices.

Chopda Foods & Spices is obliged and grateful for his undettered support & experience, which has been the assets to the organisation.


Mr. Uttam Genmal Chopra

Mr. Uttam Chopra has been a driving force of the organisation since years His sheer passion for spices and the will to make it larger than life have put Chopda foods & Spices to the top slots in its area and is continuing to excel.

Chopda Foods & Spices have grown in multiple under his guidance and business acumen.


Mr. Naman Chopra

From a past couple of years, Chopda Foods & Spices experienced an advent of new energy, ideas and management thoughts, the credit should be duly furthered to the new asset & young entreprenuer of the organisation.

The Company holds a lot of optimism to be a better name, when ran under these young shoulders.